planning your retirement

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  • Have you planned for your retirement?
  • Do you understand the tax benefits of pension plans?
  • When is the right time to draw your retirement benefits and how do you go about it?

Anyone who thinks that the State Pension will be all they need to enjoy a comfortable retirement should think again! A financially comfortable retirement will only come to those who have planned well ahead for this important stage of their life.

The Government has made it clear that the onus on pension provision lies very much with us all individually but they do provide a complicated range of tax benefits for pension planning.

Over the years there have been a wide range of pension arrangements available for those who are employed, self-employed or run their own business. We can offer guidance and advice on plans you may have accumulated over your working life including all types of occupational pensions (for companies) and personal pensions.

For new contributions during the accumulation stages, we are able to provide advice on how to maximize your pension provision and guide you through the range of plans on offer now such as Stakeholder pensions, Personal pensions and Self Invested Personal pensions.

At the stage when you are looking to start taking benefits from your pension plans, we can discuss the choice of options and what the implications of each one are you and your spouse.

We can offer advice to help clients make informed decisions at this very important stage of life.

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