managing your investments

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  • Do you understand the risks associated with savings and investments?
  • Are you paying too much tax on interest and dividends you earn?

Our aim is to help you build your savings and investments with a consistent strategy that includes:-

  • assessing your willingness and need to accept risk
  • allocating your money to a suitable mix of assets and funds
  • choosing the right tax product
  • reviewing the portfolio
Risk and reward

Whether you are looking for growth or income, it is crucial to decide how much risk and volatility is acceptable in reaching the objective. We can help you decide what you are comfortable with and help you understand the implications of the decision.

Asset allocation and Fund selection

Many studies have proved that over 90% of long term performance can be attributed to choosing the right mix of assets rather than clever timing or picking an individual fund or share.

We can help you decide on the how to split your money across the four main asset classes of Cash, Fixed Interest securities, Property and Equities. Each asset class can perform differently during the various parts of an economic cycle so this allocation decision is crucial to managing risk and returns.

To spread the investment risk we will then recommend a portfolio of funds, selected using detailed research and including both actively managed and passive, index tracking funds.

The index tracking funds will seek to follow the return from a single market or index. They are typically lower cost and they reduce the chance of an active manager underperforming the chosen market.

Tax wrapper choice

Different products have different tax consequences, which can have a significant effect on the overall return. We will explain why ISAs, Unit Trusts, Investment Bonds or Pensions may be more suitable than another product.

Regular reviews

We will always suggest that you monitor your portfolio regularly to ensure the intended risk and expected returns continue to be met. Without reviews, a portfolio can become outdated because of changes in investment markets, global economies and legislation.

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